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Our Pavillon Marquee is specially designed to cover large surface areas with elegance, making them the ultimate solution for a wide array of occasions. ​This beautiful marquee perfectly blend style and versatility to create a spirited atmosphere for your most vibrant events.

Our Pavillon marquee hire is a type of tent that is designed to provide a large, open space for events and gatherings. Unlike traditional marquees, Pavillon marquees do not require any internal support poles or framework, which means that the entire space is open and unobstructed. This makes them a popular choice for events such as weddings, corporate events, and music festivals, where a large, open space is needed. They can be customized to meet the specific needs of the event, with options such as flooring, lighting, and heating available. We offer two canvas options, a clear canvas and a white canvas.

They are also designed to be weather-resistant, which means that they can withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain, wind, and snow. This makes them a great choice for outdoor events where the weather can be unpredictable.

Size available:

  • 10x12 approximate capacity 96 seated / 160 standing

  • 10x15 approximate capacity 120 seated / 200 standing

  • 10x18 approximate capacity 144 seated / 240 standing

  • 10x21 approximate capacity 168 seated 280 standing

  • 10x24 approximate capacity 192 seated / 320 standing

  • 10x27 approximate capacity 216 seated / 360 standing

  • 10x30 approximate capacity 240 seated / 400 standing


**This is a guide, changes may apply. 

We service:


  • VIC/NSW : High Country Victoria / Murray Riverina Region.


​      Mackay / Capricorn Coast .


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