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ideal tents for festivals and outdoor events by Big Marquee

Immerse Yourself In the Clearspan Marquee Experience

Embrace the vibrant energy and spirited atmosphere of festivals with our Festival Range in Albu of Clearspan Marquees. These tents combine elegance and versatility, making them the go-to choice in the event industry for covering large surface areas in style.

A festival range marquee is a type of tent that is designed specifically for use at outdoor festivals and events. These marquees are typically large and spacious, with capacities ranging from a few hundred to several thousand people. They are designed to provide a safe and comfortable space for festival-goers to enjoy live music, food, and other entertainment.

Advantages of Festival Range Marquee 

One of the main advantages of the festival range marquees is their versatility. They can be customized to meet the specific needs of the festival, with options such as flooring, lighting, and heating available. They can also be designed to accommodate large groups of people, with capacities ranging from a few hundred to several thousand.


Festival range marquees are typically made from high-quality materials such as PVC and aluminum, which makes them strong and durable. They are also designed to be weather-resistant, which means that they can withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain, wind, and snow. This makes them a great choice for outdoor events where the weather can be unpredictable.


Another advantage of festival range marquees is their ease of setup and takedown. They can be erected quickly and easily, which makes them a great choice for festivals and events that need to be set up and taken down quickly. This also makes them a popular choice for event planners who need to move the marquee from one location to another.

From intimate gatherings to lively festivals, private parties, and trade shows, our high-peak marquees are designed to adapt to your vision, providing a versatile and stylish setting that elevates every event. With quick setup and minimal crew requirements, our Festival Range is the go-to solution for event planners seeking to create an unforgettable atmosphere with ease.

The Clearspan Marquee's innovative design allows for quick setup with minimal crew and equipment, so you can focus on enjoying the festival vibes, captivating performances, and shared moments with friends and fellow event-goers.


From weddings and private parties to festivals and trade shows, our marquees provide a dynamic backdrop for unforgettable experiences.

9m x 15m
18m wide x 12m long with 9m extensions
24m wide x 12m long with 12m extensions

We service VIC/NSW : High Country Victoria / Murray Riverina Region.


AND Central Coast QLD:  Rockhampton / Yeppon / Gladstone / Bundaberg / Mackay / Capricorn Coast . 

Contact Big Marquee today to discuss your event needs, and let's set the stage for an extraordinary celebration!

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